I had the honor of photographing my second Hermann birth!  Mashay and Jason are the most incredible team!  Mashay is all smiles between contractions, and Jason speaks so sweetly to her when he’s holding her during a contraction.  I think they should have 100 more 🙂

AND…they have surprise genders!  SO exciting!!


Dr. Berry was FANTASTIC, so positive and encouraging. He continuously asked what mom wanted to do and if it was ok to intervene in each step of birth.  I haven’t always seen such positive reactions to natural birth from doctors during the births I’ve photographed.  He seems like a wonderful guy to have in your ring during birth.

Transition is always scary for mom.  Jason was so sweet and firm.  Reassuring Mashay that she was safe and to take long, deep breaths to calm herself.  She did an excellent job following his lead, as he’d done for her during early labor.  They are such an excellent couple!And then sweet little baby decided to join us!  Dr. Berry helped out and said, “oh what a cute little peanut.  He’s little.”  So I thought BOY!  But then he said, “she’s a tiny little girl.”  So I had to look for myself 🙂  Now they’re even!  2 boys, 2 girls!
She thought maybe she changed her mind.  It’s not as comfortable out here!
6 lbs 10 ozAnd CraZy hair like her big sister!!
Daddy’s got to announce it to everyone!
Ah!  All worth while 🙂  Congratulations!!It’s all so peaceful in the hall at 3:30 a.m.  What a great thing to miss sleep over.