It’s time to have a baby!

The newest Dial!  My nephew made his entrance last week 🙂





Daddy’s foot was like hummingbird wings as we waited for Mama’s labor to progress.  I’ve never known Mr. Laidback to get to antsy!










Whenever anyone called to check on how things were going, Jerm would give them the rundown, “I just ate breakfast.  I’m feeling great.”










Mr. Laidback married Mrs. Handwringer.  It was so sweet.  I think she worried more about Daddy than the labor.

Get used to the clink of coins guys.  Diapers are expensive!

Handwringing #2

This is her reaction to poor Daddy, who lost his breakfast when the nurse said she was fully dilated and the baby was nearly here.



Things are getting serious!

We GOT this!

Being prepared is first and foremost!

When the stirrups come out it means business.

Nurse Midwife Deena was at another of the births I photographed.  She’s awesome.  She gets a Southern accent talking to all these North Carolinians.

This is the beauty of family and birth.

Great support and such a strong spirit of unity.

The strength of a mother.

And when it all seems too hard to bear…

This is the reward.

at 1:57 pm little man arrived.

He got that dimple from his daddy.

Hi Mama!

Good work team!