Birth Stories

 Birth stories are priceless collections of one of the the most sacred, precious times in your life.  Documenting the birth of your child through photography is such a special gift for yourself, your children, and posterity.  So many of the details can be forgotten through the rush of excitement and the chaos of life with children.  Don’t forget those precious first moments, fall in love at first sight forever.

“Oh my goodness!  What a beautiful moment to catch on camera!” -B.C.

I’ve seen it all!

I’ve photographed home and hospital births, natural births with midwives and doulas, medicated births with rooms full, simple, quiet births with just Mom & Dad…I’ve called a doctor or two when the baby was REALLY coming.  They are the best thing I photograph!  I have also done bereavement sessions in situations of stillbirth or other tender moments with fragile feelings that need tender care.  Please feel free to contact me for special circumstances and I will do my utmost to accommodate.  

Birth stories are as much about the relationships as they are about the baby!

I’m always looking for those connections…the interactions you may not remember or notice, but they make your family and these moments extra special.

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