This gorgeous couple spent a couple of hours with myself and Kimber (my studio partner), from Photo By Kimber in Provo Canyon.  I LOVE shooting with Kimber, especially weddings. We feed off each other’s creativity and the ideas and angles multiply!




The wedding is nature inspired, so we used this gorgeous nearly-Fall setting to flow with the theme.





Formal photos before the big day, with our without a big reveal or “First Look”, of the dress, are VERY popular right now.  It takes a lot of pressure off of the big day.  Time can be spent with friends and family, instead of taking pictures, and all of the focus of the session is on the bride and groom, rather than your father’s second cousin, twice removed, who is too short to stand WAY back there in the family photo.  🙂















We loved the aspen trees in the fields above Sundance.  We played around in a grove of them and got lots of amazing angles.




















Chivalry is always appreciated!



A beautiful, classic dress for a classic beauty!












I thought this quote was so appropriate for Miss Murdock…


























Oh those aspens!!

There were lots of trees with names carved in them.  We didn’t want to damage any trees, so Photoshop to the rescue!








Best wishes to the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Harding!  More pics to follow of the big day!