I LOVE BIRTH STORIES (Utah Birth Photography)… Every single birth story is different, and every single birth story is so special.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing one already this year, that of my niece, Jayda.  She’s the first baby of my youngest brother-in-law.  

He was a great coach and Heather had a natural birth without any classes or books or what-have-you!  She was amazing!


Thank goodness that baby does not look like that^^  Jerrett was making jokes and Heather would smile between contractions, which made the whole room light up.  There was country music and old r&b playing in the room.  Jerrett would sing along.



Then the real fun started.  It was go time.  About an hour of pushing, with great encouragement from Jerrett, the nurse, and the midwife and little miss arrived!



Meeting mama after a little clean up and the weigh-in.  8 lbs, 10 oz!  Grandma was so proud of her girls!


And, a little “Fresh 48”.  Mama, Daddy, and baby Jada the morning after the big event…