Last year I took family photos for a darling young family of 3.  This year they are a family of 4!  Evelyn is a big sister now 🙂  We did a newborn session a few weeks ago…

Megan Lewis37

We tried every trick in the book to get Evelyn to love on her baby sister.  At 2, she really didn’t understand this 6 day old little being who’s been thrown into the mix, so we took what we could get!











Wrapped around her teeny, tiny little finger…




























She always had this finger sticking straight out.  Unfortunately that can be offensive.  I kept putting the camera down to move her little finger into an appropriate position lol!










By this time she was THROUGH!  So she peed and began to yelp and we let her call it quits.  I love getting pictures when they’re not so happy too.  It’s all a part of life with a newborn!